The Central Organization consists of a Holding, the Central Management Company, the International Licensing Company and the Reinsurance Company.

ParaLife Holding AG is incorporated in Zurich, Switzerland, and acts as financial intermediary between investors, lenders and ParaLife’s operating entities.

The ParaLife Management AG (PMC), incorporated in Switzerland, administers ParaLife’s operations at the group level. PMC directs and controls the overall ParaLife system. In every country of operation, PMC creates the necessary infrastructure, which includes the formation of the local management company

ParaLife International AG (PIC)
ParaLife International is incorporated in Switzerland. It is the owner of the intellectual property and acts as “franchisor”.

ParaLife Reinsurance Ltd (ParaLife Re)
ParaLife Re participates in risks which are underwritten by the local insurance company partners, reinsured in part by our reinsurance company partner of which a share is retro-ceded to the company.

ParaLife Mexico, ParaLife Colombia and ParaLife China
Our operating centers are responsible for market management, business administration and claims handling in the Latin American Region and in China.